Former Senate President & Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns

“I have known Shawnna Bolick for many years. I am confident that her critical thinking skills and past policy experiences will help her craft sound fiscal policy on behalf of her constituents, ensuring a more prosperous Arizona.  I have no doubt Shawnna will put the interests of the taxpayer first. Today, I am proud to stand with not only a friend, but an extremely qualified leader to represent Legislative District 20." 

Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio

“Shawnna will be a strong voice to protect the unborn and the Arizona taxpayer.  She is well-qualified to represent the voters throughout Legislative District 20.  Shawnna is an amazing individual who will work tirelessly and never give up protecting taxpayers. She knows who her boss is – and it is the taxpayer.  I have no doubt Bolick will roll up her sleeves and tackle the toughest issues facing our state. With her voice and strong backbone, the Arizona taxpayers will not be fleeced in the process!  Shawnna is a natural ally to further improve government accountability while keeping the government in check. I enthusiastically endorse Ms. Bolick 110%, and very much look forward to working with her at the Capitol.”

Phoenix Councilman Jim Waring

“I endorse Shawnna Bolick for the Arizona House because I know she will always put the interests of her constituents first.  She has an interest in exposing government waste and is ready to take on the many challenges facing Arizona.  I look forward to working with Ms. Bolick.  Together, we will ensure Arizona has a prosperous future."


State Representative Ben Toma (LD-22)

“Shawnna Bolick is a common-sense conservative.  Legislative District 20 needs to elect someone with her intellect, background and dedication to free market and civil society solutions.  Shawnna is ready to hit the ground running once she's elected to office.  I very much look forward to working with Ms. Bolick to further reduce the regulatory burden on our small businesses and finding savings to Arizona's taxpayers."  

State Representative Jill Norgaard (LD-18)

“Ms. Bolick is an accomplished professional.  With her diplomacy and steadfast commitment to education reform, I know she will make a terrific addition to the Arizona Legislature. We are ready to enact policy that would ensure more taxpayer dollars make it into our Arizona classrooms.” 

State Senator Rick Gray (LD-21)

"Shawnna believes every child regardless of their zip code deserves the best education possible.  For Shawnna, this has been a lifelong mission.  I know she will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of Arizona families to improve the overall quality of our education system.  I know Shawnna will make an amazing legislator while honorably serving Legislative District 20 until she gets the job done.  I am proud to endorse Ms. Bolick for the Arizona House."

State Representative Darin Mitchell (LD-13)

“Shawnna Bolick believes Arizona needs to continue reducing burdensome regulations and unnecessary red tape on small business owners.  Bolick would also like to see prosperity in Arizona thrive as not to interfere with the enterprise of a free, industrious people.  I look forward to working with Ms. Bolick once she’s elected to the Arizona Legislature, so we can continue to put Arizona first and put onerous regulations out to pasture."

State Representative Travis Grantham (LD-12)

"As we work to curb Big Brother and rein in overzealous regulation, I know I can rely on Shawnna Bolick to boost our current efforts.  Shawnna is a true patriot and  a great leader for Legislative District 20.  She doesn't shrink from a fight and has never wavered in her belief in smaller, more efficient government. That's why I look forward to working with Ms. Bolick on reducing government spending and balancing our state's budget once she's elected." 

State Representative Maria Syms (LD-28)


“We need more leaders who will champion the issues important to hard-working Arizona taxpayers. I am confident that Shawnna Bolick’s policy experience, community involvement and fiscal responsibility make her the best person to represent Legislative District 20."


State Representative Mark Finchem (LD-11)


State Representative Anthony Kern (LD-20)


State Senator Warren Petersen (LD-12)


State Representative Jay Lawrence (LD-23)


State Representative David Stringer (LD-1)


State Representative Kevin Payne (LD-21)


State Representative Jeff Weninger (LD-17)


State Board of Education Public Member, Jared Taylor

"We need elected officials who will put parents first over bureaucrats. Shawnna Bolick has been a passionate voice for parental school choice for over two decades. Her dedication to ensuring parents maintain control of their school children's curriculum is paramount. I know Ms. Bolick will represent parents well once she's elected to the Arizona Legislature."

Member of Maricopa Community College District's Governing Board -District 4, Jean McGrath

"In order for Arizona to prosper we need to return to the founding principles of our country - individual liberty, fiscal responsibility and free enterprise. Shawnna Bolick is dedicated to these principles and she has common sense. If we are going to win this battle over fiscal responsibility, we need more citizens like Shawnna serving in the Arizona Legislature.”

Member of Maricopa County Community College Governing Board -District 3, Johanna Haver

“I heartily endorse Shawnna Bolick for the Legislative District 20 State House of Representatives because of her conservative philosophy and experience in all areas of education. Her contributions to the legislative decision-making would resolve long-standing problems we now face. She knows her stuff!”