Education and Jobs

Education is not a one size fits all system. I believe parents are best equipped in making the best choice for their child’s education needs. 

There clearly needs to be an overhaul of the state’s current school finance formula. There also needs to be more accountability ensuring more taxpayer dollars follow our school children into the classroom. 

As a product of a K-12 public district school education, I have worked most of my adult life on behalf of our school children. I volunteered in the inner city knowing young children came from broken homes and might need a young mentor to guide them on a better path. I helped work in a GED classroom helping both young and old high school drop outs pass the test giving them credentials to help obtain a better paying job, or a chance to receive a secondary education or attend a vocational training school. 

It was my last semester senior year as an undergraduate that truly opened my heart and mind. I spent a semester in an inner city public high school in New York City where I realized the best asset of any school is a strong leader (a.k.a. the principal). Principals and teachers should be able to work together with parents on the best curriculum for their students.  

Our children are our most undervalued resource. We need to ensure our investments are directly made to classrooms and teachers. As a founder and an actively engaged parent of my children’s parent organization I helped ensure each teacher of the school received the necessary funds to ensure their students receive the best educational experience. All teachers should have access to the necessary funds for their classrooms to compete in our evolving global economy.        

Teachers should be rewarded for their children’s academic excellence.  If students are excelling in their subject those teachers should receive additional compensation for their successes in their classroom. In a perfect world, I would like to align master teachers in each classroom so each child could learn to love an academic subject from an expert in biology, chemistry, English, math or art.   

I am a strong advocate of STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEAM (Science, technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) curriculum and schools. My own children attend a STEM-themed school. The curriculum and results are worthy of replication. As a parent and professional, our kids deserve higher standards and the parents and principals deserve control over their curriculum, not the federal government. I am a strong believer in high standards set by individual schools. I don’t believe every child learns the same way.   

The United States exports higher skilled jobs each year to other countries because our high school and college graduates don’t have the skill-sets to fill these crucial jobs. I served on a school board. We need to grow our future pool of workers to ensure the U.S. maintains its global economic status in the marketplace right here in Arizona and encourage these students to stay here upon graduation from high school or college.   

Not all children learn at the same speed or in the same style. I support incubators of success we have experienced in our Arizona charter and district schools and believe the highest performing schools should be replicated across the state. I have also advocated on behalf of public school students and each family’s ability to find the school that best fits their children’s learning needs within their district or via open enrollment.   

I have spent the last several years ensuring low-income, special needs and foster care children receive the best education possible by finding a public or private school that understands their needs. These children now have better opportunities and many of these scholarship students go on to graduate high school and often on to college. As a Mom, I know the importance of a good education and I will be an ally of yours in this arena.  

Securing our Nation’s Borders

I have physically toured parts of the Arizona/Mexico border and even had the pleasure to meet with then Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever to discuss the Border. I met with third generation ranchers who have been adversely affected by illegal immigration and drug trafficking. The locals want a stronger presence of Border Patrol, unmanned drones and more strategic fencing. Together, we also need to ensure we have the best functioning E-Verify system.   

Our legal immigration system has been broken for decades. Once elected to the Arizona Legislature I will work with our Congressional delegation to find ways to end chain migration. To move forward with a better legal immigration system, we must restore a work-based immigration system by limiting preferences to spouses and minor children.  

Fiscal Restraint, the Constitution and States’ Rights

Government needs to be limited and spending needs to be retrained. I support a balanced budget as a step towards making Arizona prosperous. My family does not spend out of its means and neither should our state government. I will work especially hard to ensure our state’s books are balanced since it is a requirement of our state’s constitution. I would be more than happy to devote my time and energy looking for ways to further reduce wasteful spending, ensuring we don’t have to sell state buildings ever again to help fund our public safety community, and public education institutions and keep state government open.  

Sweeping funds is an accounting trick not envisioned by our state’s founders and it’s time to put Arizona back on track towards fiscal responsibility without the fuzzy math. I am opposed to unfunded mandates handed down by the federal government and will work to protect the Arizona taxpayer if elected.   

Each resident of Arizona should be in favor of open government. As taxpayers, we should be able to track every dollar the government spends so the process is transparent. It is our right to know how each dollar is spent.  

I am a firm believer in States' rights. I supported the passage of the 2010 Healthcare Freedom Act. 

Repealing Obamacare is a priority in improving economic freedom and rolling back taxes created to service Obamacare. Obamacare increased government reach, taxes, the price of health insurance regulatory burdens while decreasing competitiveness in the healthcare marketplace. More choice and competition empower individuals to move towards a consumer-driven healthcare system placing individuals in charge, not Washington bureaucrats.  

Healthcare should not be administered by the government. Fixing healthcare is paramount to a stronger nation, but individuals and families should be the ones who pick and choose what is best for their individual needs, not the government in any shape or form.  

I believe the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution. To secure our liberties three branches of government were created. Further, splitting powers of government a second time between the national and state governments helps keep the federal government from further encroaching on our states' rights.  

Arizona needs public pension reform and more transparency in union contracts.  I will help lead the charge in these areas.  

Building a Better Business Climate

In the late 1990s, I had the privilege to work for Texas Lt. Governor Rick Perry who brought high technology executives together to find out what a more hospitable business environment would look like for the high-tech sector in the State of Texas.  It turns out strong schools, reducing the regulatory burden and a low tax environment were part of the recipe for encouraging and spurring growth.   

Arizona can easily replicate Texas’ successes. Arizona needs to become a stronger player in advocating to businesses reasons why they should move their corporate offices to Arizona. Arizona should build a relationship with Mexico to invest in a port of entry to help with our state’s commerce. We have seen from the successes in Texas that our regulatory policies need to be rolled back to move towards a free, civil society. Excessive regulations stifle innovation and limits consumer choice.   

The recipe to strong free enterprise is a tax system that taxes all consumed income at the flattest rate. The government should not be picking winners and losers in the marketplace, or setting economic policies that will help one business over another. Our small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We need a level playing field to help all businesses thrive. I will advocate on behalf of our small businesses to ensure the marketplace remains as fair to the future of their success.   

Prospective businesses need to know that Arizona’s charter schools are competing against some of our global counterparts and coming out on top. The best part: charter schools are free and their employee’s children can receive a world class education competitive to a private school education. Our weather is hands-down hospitable to outdoor activity most the year. Who doesn’t want to traverse parts of the Grand Canyon on a weekend outing when other parts of the country are scraping ice off their windshield?  



The best thing for the government to do is to let families make their own decisions about their livelihoods. The best thing the State Legislature can do to help keep families strong is to cut taxes. Taxes cost families more than food, clothing or shelter.   

Free Markets & Prosperity

America is one of the most prosperous nations in this world and for good reason. Americans believe in free enterprise and it is the key to a strong economy.  

Corporate Subsidies

Elected officials simply need to have the courage to adhere to the Arizona Constitution’s gift clause and understand the need to say no to special interests who lobby for corporate subsidies.  

Faith & Religious Freedom

The Founding Fathers never intended freedom of religion to become government opposition to religion. The freedom to pray and worship God is an essential part of the moral fiber comprising America.  

Right to Life

As a children’s advocate one of my main priorities is protecting the sanctity of human life. 

Second Amendment

I believe in the right to keep and bear arms.  


Constitutional Rights

I am a firm believer in upholding our God-given U.S. and Arizona constitutional rights.  From using my pen to compose my views on critical policy issues under the First Amendment to keeping and owning a gun under the Second Amendment, I will be honored to swear to the oath of office to protect citizens like you and me on a daily basis.  

As a state legislator I will work to balance the state’s budget without sweeping funds from critical areas where those funds are already earmarked.  

I believe Arizona’s self-defense statutes need to be further strengthened to help protect citizens involved in a self-defense situation. I believe all law abiding persons have the right to bear and carry arms.  

I am a strong supporter of hunting and fishermen alike.  My Dad possessed a love for the outdoors and in his spare time you’d find him set up on the local lake with a rod and reel in his hand hoping for his next big catch.  He taught us respect for the outdoors and responsibility when it came to his pursuit of reeling them in.   I believe hunting is a great tool for wildlife management just as I believe it would be best for states to decide who logs our state and federal lands to reduce further risk of destructive wildfires.  

As an outdoor enthusiast who has driven and owned an ATV I believe our state and federal lands should be open for recreation.  This also helps keep the local economies vibrant and open for business.